CD-1.2 release announcement— Instant INR deposits and withdrawals on Coindelta


Rajdeep Singh

I hope you must be enjoying our latest UI updates and the recent launch of new cryptocurrencies. These are some small pillars of our long roadmap. Recently, we have been working on much more than that and I promise, our future developments will blow you out of your minds.

We always believe in providing you with the fastest service keeping in mind the grade level security. You said you needed Bitcoin Cash, we were listening, and now its trading on Coindelta. While many exchanges will come and go but the product that values the suggestions of its users is the one that we all want, don’t we?

While you have been enjoying the old updates, we are here with our new and most awaited update CD-1.2 (we will name all future updates CD-x.x, because we love the name given by the community).

So what’s new in this update? What makes it so special?

We understand the need for the immediate requirement of funds to grab a deal that might slip away within minutes. Our deposits and withdrawals were always 24*7, and our KYC processing time is 24*7 and one of the fastest in the industry. You must have seen your KYC getting verified within hours.

So far, we did all the deposits and withdrawals manually 24*7. Yes! we value you that much because we feel it’s the users who make an exchange worth and we are just few crypto enthusiasts building this excellent product for you.

Now, we are growing at a very good pace and to keep it the same, there is a need for an automated and much faster way to process INR deposits and withdrawals.

We are implementing instant deposits and withdrawals from 16th Nov 12:00 AM. With this service, users will be able to withdraw INR 24/7 (even on holidays) and the money will hit their bank accounts within 30–60 seconds.

All the withdrawals for amounts less than 2,00,000 will be processed instantly, while amounts larger than INR 2,00,000 will be queued to the NEFT mode of payment, which will be processed on the working days between 10 AM to 4 PM.

Apart from this, there will be some minor UI changes, major performance improvements, security updates, bug fixes and implementation of some scalable solutions. A follow-up blog on the security features will be released in few days. Also, we will be revising our deposits and withdrawals fees, new fees will be available on our fee page after the update.

Important Notice: We will be taking a downtime from 15th Nov 11 PM to 16th Nov 12 AM. All your funds will be safe, but you won’t be able to access them and trade those during the update.

Update on the upcoming Bitcoin SegWit2x Hard Fork


Rajdeep Singh

If there is a SegWit2x hard fork, we may stop deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin before and for some time after the hard fork. Users with bitcoins stored on Coindelta at the time of fork will have access to bitcoins on both the blockchains. Users don’t need to take any actions to protect their coins. Bitcoins will be stored securely on Coindelta during and after the fork. After the fork, we will credit your balance with SegWit2x coins that you can withdraw once regular Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal functionality is safe to resume.

You will not be able to deposit or play with SegWit2x coins on Coindelta.

Further details will be announced through our twitter account and telegram channel. We expect to start the withdrawal process within a few days after the fork, once we have determined that each blockchain is secure and stable.

The decision was made in regard to our mission of bringing India closer to the blockchain. We want our users to benefit from the fork and strive to become the most reliable, trusted and secure cryptocurrency exchange.

For more details on SegWit2x fork please follow their announcement page

For announcements: Follow us on Twitter and Join telegram community

Updated on Oct 12, 6:15 PM

INR Markets Launched


Shubham Yadav

We are happy to announce that INR deposits and withdrawals have been activated. We appreciate your patience and thank you for being with us in our journey. On our way till here, we made few mistakes and we learned from those mistakes. As we go live today with a complete website, we promise to deliver the best exchange based out of India.

I would like to add few more points:

1. We have introduced a trollbox, powered by gitter, where people can have general discussions. To join the room, a twitter/GitHub account is required.
2. Our 24/7 instant chat support will be available in case you face any problem.
3. We have improved the design in order to provide a seamless trading experience.
4. We have removed Qtum trading because of the upcoming swap of ERC token with Qtum token on mainnet.

Happy trading!

Coindelta Community! We reward your support!


Rajdeep Singh

Hello Community Members,

You might be wondering what’s happening at Coindelta. So, let me walk you through what we are doing and how we are planning to make our bond stronger by rewarding you for your support.

Last few days have been quite occupied for us as we have been busy in finishing the product for the launch. We have revamped the UI for better user experience. Don’t forget to check it out and give us your valuable feedback on our telegram group.

Also, we have noticed that there is always some hindrance for newcomers as many people are not aware of this technology. So, we came up this proposal of rewarding users with cryptocurrencies. We hope it will help them with some initial funds, which will be their first gateway to experience the world of blockchain.

We are excited to announce our upcoming referral campaign which will run from August 21 12:00 AM to August 31 12:00 AM. We are rewarding our community members for the love they have been sharing with us. Below are the details on how the reward can be earned:

1. It will be an invite based reward, You show your love by inviting your friends and we will show it by dropping ethers into your Coindelta wallet.

2. Login to your Coindelta account to get a unique referral code assigned to you and start inviting people.

3. Ask your invited users to complete their KYC in order to get the reward.

4. For every 10 invited users with KYC approved, you receive 0.1 ethers into your Coindelta wallet in the first week of September.

For terms and conditions, visit our website. If you have any question, feel free to talk to us on our telegram group.

Together, lets grow this community bigger!

We are launching on 1st September


Rajdeep Singh

Blockchain technology is emerging with the potential to transform business models and revolutionize financial infrastructures. Although it is proving itself to represent one of the most exciting innovations of the decade, India is still in a phase where users are struggling to find a trustable exchange where they can trade their digital assets.

Coindelta is our global initiative to facilitate the trading of digital assets in India, with the goal of bringing India closer to Blockchain. Our mission is to create the right system with the right guarantees. We believe in the dream of digital India. One of our first few initiative towards it is to educate the society about blockchain. We measure our success in making a strong community of blockchain enthusiasts.

We are ready to launch on September 1, 12:00 PM with Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Qtum (QTUM), and OmiseGO (OMG) as our very first trading digital assets.

The product has been designed with security being the highest priority and features such as e-mail confirmations and two-factor authentications.

All the deposits and withdrawals are automatic and processed within minutes. Our support team is 24/7 live through chat facility on the website. INR deposits are processed within hours and approved overnight when done via IMPS.

We believe that the strength of any community depends on how strong it’s building blocks are. We have already taken the first step by starting a telegram group, where you can interact with the team and traders. In order to educate more people, we will be starting a blogging series on the blockchain and its underlying technology through our medium channel. It’s your turn to take a step forward by joining the telegram community, following us on Twitter and liking our Facebook page.

We have got some good announcements for early traders. Our website is live. You can register and finish your KYC.

Remember remember the 1st of September!
Stay Tuned.